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Leadership Development & Learning

Helping clients create and implement the right development programs to close talent gaps and cultivate the right leadership capabilities at all levels of their talent pipeline.

Great leaders create productive work environments of trust and accountability. 

Strong leaders need to build teams and networks that produce results and fuel innovation. We offer an extensive library of virtual and asynchronous training programs that target main leadership competencies and the latest learning technology that enables a personalized yet scalable. Our team of L&D experts create engaging and high impact learning programs and workshops that can be individualized or scaled. We create Learning & Development curriculum and roadmaps for a plug-and-play learning infrastructure for SMB and Start-Ups. We help clients select content and the right LMS architecture for their business. Our learning programs are supported by the latest advances in field of neurobiology of learning and supported by the latest learning technology. Most programs include Micro-Learning and Nudging to accelerate learning and facilitate change.

What we can help you achieve

We help you create and implement the right development programs to close talent gaps and cultivate the right leadership capabilities at all levels of your talent pipeline.

How We Help Our Clients

  • Leadership assessment
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Team Effectiveness
  • Talent Review
  • Leadership Gap analysis
  • Leadership Pipeline Strategy
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Workshops

Track your informal networks. Organizations consist of multiple, overlapping, and intersecting social networks. As these informal networks widen and deepen, they mobilize talent and knowledge across the enterprise, facilitating and informing cultural cohesiveness while helping to support cross-silo collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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What are your leadership challenges?

  • How do we build the leadership skills to lead in the 21st century environment?
  • Is our leadership team aligned on the team purpose, goals and metrics?
  • How can we ensure we have availability of the right leadership talent for sustainable growth?
  • How can we build leadership capabilities to effectively leverage internal and external networks?
  • How can we develop leaders that can successfully lead virtual teams?
  • How do we develop leaders that foster cultures of trust and innovation?
  • How do we engage a diverse workforce that represents our customers and community?
  • How can we upskill our workforce to face the uncertainties and challenges of a continuously changing environment?

Leadership must adapt to the hybrid virtual model to survive

Leadership is crucial, but in the hybrid virtual model, teams (and networks of teams) also need to adopt new norms and change the way they work if they are to maintain—and improve—productivity, collaboration, and innovation. This means gathering information, devising solutions, putting new approaches into practice, and refining outcomes—and doing it all fast. The difficulty rises when the team is part virtual and part on-site. What follows are specific areas on which to focus.

Create ‘safe’ spaces to learn from mistakes and voice requests

Psychological safety matters in the workplace, obviously, and in a hybrid virtual model it requires more attention. First, because a feeling of safety can be harder to create with some people working on-site and others working remotely. And, second, because it’s often less obvious when safety erodes. Safety arises as organizations purposefully create a culture in which employees feel comfortable making mistakes, speaking up, and generating innovative ideas. Safety also requires helping employees feel supported when they request flexible operating approaches to accommodate personal needs.

What we can help you achieve

We help you speed decision making, increase diversity and collaboration and build alignment practices around purpose and strategy to reach your goals and thrive.

Our Signature Learning Programs

Our team experts conduct thorough assessments of each team member and the team itself, in order to understand if the team is the right size, with the right people, with the right mission, goals, norms, and culture.

High Performance
Virtual Team Training
Social cohesion and trust building has never been so vital. Through an online program, we help teams build the essential skills that are critical for team performance in the 21st century.
Diverse Teams
Leverage on the intelligence and high performance of diverse teams and enable your organization to be an integrative environment for diverse perspectives and expectations. Learn the skills that all leaders and teams need to effectively integrate and leverage on the diverse environment of the 21st century.
Resilience for High Performance
Learn the vital skills that enable you to take on any challenge AND thrive. Optimize your ability to perform at high level and avoid burnout.
Women’s Leadership Development
We help women tackle the common stallers for career success. A program based on research and proven tools to identify core strengths and sharpen sense of purpose, and develop capabilities for personal and professional success.
Executive Presence and
Effective Communication
Executive presence starts from within. Create the awareness to lead authentically, connect with others and communicate with influence to create personal impact.

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