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About LeaderThink Inc

A team of experienced business psychologists and organizational behavior experts passionate about helping organizations build leadership capabilities to achieve their goals and better their communities.

We believe in diversity and inclusion as operational principles

Traditional operating models and leadership competencies are falling short in the current environment.  As individuals and organizations we need new operating models to face the current challenges, and organizing principles that can unleash our unlimited potential and vitality of the human intelligence and systems. New leadership principles that integrate collective human intelligence and purpose are 

imperative to operate in a context of innovation and resilience. We help build integrative awareness as organizing principle that results in diverse operational practices and high productivity. An organization that experiences integration and trust promotes a culture where people feel alive, productive and engaged. This experience promotes wellness and alleviates burnout.

The LeaderThink Advantage

Expertise  |  Results Based  |  Innovative  |  Dynamic  |  Responsive


We're former C-Suite and HR executives. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 corporations, PE Firms, and start-ups supporting leaders, teams and organizations around the world.

We focus on business outcomes, analyzing organizational culture and dynamics in light of our clients’ business, industry and strategy.

We know what works. We’re business psychology and organizational behavior experts, connected to leading research institutions.

We offer a unique partnership approach with our clients, and we customize our solutions to target unique human capital value opportunities to drive engagement and business results. About 80% of our work is repeat business with our clients.

We bring the most innovative solutions in the organizational development field and adapt them to our client’s needs.

We are entrepreneurial and pragmatic, focusing on solutions that produce results and create value to our clients.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of experienced business psychologists and organizational behavior experts. We believe leadership does not happen in isolation, it is a function of a team, an organization, and a community of stakeholders. We strive to create agile, human workplaces where people are connected, engaged, and operate with a sense of accountability and trust. 

About Our Team

We offer a network of Executive Coaches and Organizational Consultants with extensive expertise who understand your business and leadership challenges. Our consultants are experts in their field, connected to a network of leading academic and research institutions with direct. access to the latest knowledge, tools and best practices in leadership and organization science. We worked in multiple industries and geographies with a deep understanding of diverse cultures.

Selva Blum

Founder and Principal Consultant

Selva helps leaders and organizations improve their performance, implementing sustainable change to realize their potential and achieve their goals. She brings over 20 years of experience in executive leadership roles and business psychology consulting in various industries.

Selva is a Board-Certified Coach and ICF Certified Coach with extensive experience coaching senior and emerging leaders in various industries, startups, and nonprofits, focusing on executive presence, career development and transition, resilience, work-life balance, and emotional intelligence.

Selva is passionate about helping leaders enhance their performance, and advance their career. in balance with a fulfilling personal purpose. She believes that when leaders and teams create diverse, healthy and productive organizations, they can positively contribute to their community.

Melissa Stack

Executive Coach

Melissa is an Executive Leadership Coach with 25 years of experience as a professional
coach, consultant and facilitator working in a range of industries assisting individuals and
teams across multiple levels.
She brings extensive corporate experience as a former Director of Leadership Development at a major information technology & insurance corporation where she developed leadership programs, implemented career development strategies and created learning programs and workshops.
Melissa holds an ICF certification as an Associate Certified Coach, an MS from Antioch New England College and a BA in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire. She is also certified with multiple talent assessments including Hogan and 360-Feedback tools.
Melissa lives in Tennessee with her husband. When not working, Melissa enjoys traveling and
learning about new cultures as well as helping those less fortunate through her work with Operation Santa and her own Diggity Dog Bookclub.

Christopher Awad

Senior Associate Consultant

Chris is a senior business psychology consultant dedicated to fostering organizational growth and development through his assessment and coaching practice with individuals and teams.
Chris also brings a wealth of corporate experience, currently serving as VP of HR for NexGen Power Systems, an exciting technology start-up in the power electronics industry. Previously, Chris held senior roles in global corporations, including talent management, talent acquisition, and learning and development globally for Equifax, talent management leader for SunEdison, and also served as CHRO of Answers Corporation and its three portfolio technology companies. Chris began his consulting career as a consultant for CMA (management consulting firm) and as a professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia while also consulting for its Center for the Study of Organizational Change.
Chris earned his doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he also received his Master of Public Administration degree. He earned a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Virginia.
Chris currently resides in the northern suburbs of Atlanta with his family.

Our Core Values


We are truly passionate about innovating the leadership development space and helping leaders and organizations develop environments of vitality, energy, and results that can benefit people and society.


Businesses that integrate awareness and inclusion have high productivity rates.


Diversity in thought, approach, opinion, race, and gender make businesses successful and relatable.


We believe in the power of human connection to create health, wellbeing and a culture of engagement and accountability where people and teams feel productive members of the organizations and community. We believe that leadership does not happen in isolation but in the context of a team, an organization and community.

Science Focused

We base our work on current scientific thinking and advances in the behavioral sciences and do not use trendy tools that look good.

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